About Ulf Tode und „Army of Light”

Ulf Tode, also known as „Wolfie” or „Army of Light”, was born in Sweden. His love of music, painting and yoga has taken him around the world. He was a high school exchange student in New York. While there he learned the techniques of abstract painting from the painter and art-teacher Hong Tatt Foo. In the Eighties he moved to Paris and supported himself by playing street-music. He attended art classes in L´'Academie des Beaux-Arts and he studied jazz-harmony and guitar at the jazz school C.I.M.

He toured through Europe and played for many summers in Pelekas on Corfu, Greece. In 1989 he moved to Berlin. Playing street-music for a living, he became a well known personality of the City.

In 1995 he published his first CD, „We're a family” under the name of „Army of Light”.
In 1997, his second album „Pleadian Love” was written while he lived in Thailand and Indonesia. Ulf's debut of this recording was during the New Year's Eve celebration in the Pleiades Gallery in New York with a live performance opening the exhibition by the painter Andreas Schiller called „1998 Apples/rdquo;.
Ulf has travelled throughout Asia, Europe, Australia and America and was several times in Japan where he was playing his music on the streets and teaching yoga classes.

Ulf Tode/„Army of Light” has made 9 CD's now:

1996 – „We´re a Family”
1997 – „Pleadian Love”
2000 – „Cyberbusking”
2002 – „Warriors of Light”
2004 – „Baum”
2006 – „Heartbeat”
2008 – „Zauberzeit” (all in German)
2010 – „Human”
2011 – „The Masters” (Raumer Records)

All of these CDs, depending on availability, can be purchased directly through: www.ulf-tode.de or